Y.H. Dimri is committed to sustainable
development principles.

The goal of this policy is to outline the objectives required of the company in order to reduce significant environmental risks, and to define funding methods and liability for implementing these policies.

his policy focuses on construction for residential housing – the company's core activity, and on profitable real estate.

The company acknowledges the direct and/or indirect environmental impacts of its construction on energy consumption, waste production, consumption of raw materials, potential noise hazards, and air, water, and land pollution. The company will do everything in its power to minimize these impacts.


• The company shall make every effort to remain informed on all relevant legislation, regulations and requirements (national and local) and will strive to meet these requirements.

• The company shall utilize all means at its disposal to meet legal requirements and to ensure that all relevant professionals and employees are aware of these requirements.

• The company shall make every effort to select suppliers that adhere to environmental protection laws and regulations, and offer the highest quality at fair prices. The company shall correspond only with certified suppliers who comply with Israel's environmental regulations at all stages of the project – from procurement to transporting raw materials and construction waste.

• Water – the company shall minimize the burden that its construction activities place on Israel's water economy. It shall allocate large percolation areas for surface runoff as required by law, reduce water consumption during construction and design residential projects that conserve water as much as possible.

• Energy- The company shall handle the expected shortage of fossil fuels by developing alternative energy projects and by incorporating energy-efficient solutions in its projects from the design stage. This will be accomplished by analyzing the climate of the building and its surroundings and integrating energy-conserving solutions for use at later stages.

• Waste disposal – The company shall strive to recycle as much of the construction waste that it produces as possible. The company shall dispose of all remaining waste at designated disposal sites.ֿ

• Tracking and monitoring – The company shall assess and monitor the possible impacts on all stakeholders in its vicinity during all stages of construction, with regard to noise, radiation, waste and pollution.

אזור יצירת קשר

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy