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The hotline is an anonymous means of corresponding with the company administration in order to report irregularities, and suspected infractions and violations of the company's code of ethics. This enables concerned citizens to file anonymous reports, and help the company minimize damage, swiftly and professionally assess the problems raised, and provide quick solutions.

Y.H. Dimri encourages all employees, managers and the public to immediately report any suspected violations of company policies or code of ethics as defined below. The company shall assess and inspect every report or complaint of suspected violations as stated.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and will not publish any details of your report or your personal information.

Reports are anonymous and you are not required to provide any identifying information. Nevertheless, providing contact information can be very helpful for us in case we require clarifications or further details.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the incident or your concern so that we can address the problem efficiently.

 Who should I contact?
In case of suspected violation of ethics, laws, regulations or the company code of ethics, please contact the ethics office at:
1 Jerusalem St. POB 71, Netivot 87710
Or call 08-9939085 to leave a message.
You can also contact us by email at

אזור יצירת קשר

Submitting Confidential Information

Submitting Confidential Information - Picture