Environmental Policy

The hot line is an anonymous tool with which to communicate with the company’s management in order to report irregularities, suspicions of inappropriate activities, and violation  of the company’s Code of Ethics. This tool allows for anonymity, minimizes damages, enables a  quick and professional review of issues raised, and enables  the correction of these as quick as is possible

Y.H.Dimri encourages all employees, managers and the public to immediately report any suspicions regarding the violation of the company’s Code of Ethics and the company’s policy as herewith described. The company will inspect and review every complaint as stated herewith We guarantee caution,  discretion  and privacy regarding your report and/or complaint.Your report and/or complaint will be handled anonymously and you will not be requested to provide identifying details. However, a way in which  to get back to you will be helpful, as we may have questions or need clarification on certain issuesPlease attempt to provide as many full details as possible so that we are able to handle matters efficiently.

Who do you report to?

 In the case of any suspicion regarding the breach of the company’s Code of Ethics  please reach out to the Ethics Officer at: Address: 1 Jerusalem St.  P.O.Box 71, Netivot 8771001 By phone:  +972 8 9939085 By email:  report@dimri.co.il